Quicker assessments with the help of edtech tools… 

The benefit of assessing a student’s knowledge isn’t just for the student, but the teacher also gains valuable data that help can help them succeed. It’s simple really: when the teacher knows what the student knows, they can adjust to meet them at their level to provide the best possible learning outcomes.

Assessments allow teachers to gauge the level of comprehension and identify learning gaps to help create a more successful learning journey and more positive teaching experience. However, assessments take time, and we all know teachers can certainly do with more time.

With the help of technology, teachers can gain time-saving benefits that allow for quicker, easier and more efficient assessments.

Our edtech instruction solutions can help…

Did you know, that in addition to classroom management tools like monitoring, controlling and collaborating with students, our two instruction solutions can also help teachers with regular assessment?

Discover how our feature-rich in-school classroom management solution, NetSupport School, helps with student assessment with a range of flexible tools from an informal classroom discussions and surveys, peer assessment tools, to more structured testing with automatic scoring. To find out more, visit: www.netsupportschool.com.

Find out how our cloud-based classroom management and online safety solution, classroom.cloud’s survey tools help support better assessments in blended environments by visiting classroom.cloud.