It wasn’t just how we work that changed in 2020, but how we learn at work transformed too.

Once the initial shift to remote working had settled, businesses had to rethink how they onboarded and skilled up their employees. And, as getting together in a training room was no longer on the agenda, they turned to technology to assist.

However, it wasn’t just a matter of sending the training content from the usual sessions to employees’ screens. The dynamic was different and what may previously have engaged trainees with the benefit of in-person interaction as part of the training was more difficult in remote and hybrid situations.

The stats…
According to Accenture, “when employers spend $1,500 per employee per year on training, they achieve improvements in profit margins of around 24%,” so corporate training is clearly a sound investment that leads to valuable returns for both the employee and the company.

It also asserts that “Research proves that learners forget 70% of training content within 24 hours and nearly 90% in a month.” Trainee engagement and the chance to subsequently put things into practice is key here – and we all know how quickly knowledge fades if we don’t use it.

Flexible delivery
Every company will have different training course content tailored to the needs of their employees’ roles. And this carefully structured learning content, alongside an interactive delivery method, can help to push trainee engagement and retention levels up.

Flexible, in-class, blended and remote instruction solutions can help companies train more staff at the same time than they might have done in a single training room – and even reach people in different locations. They are an excellent conduit for the training content and are simple to use, allowing the trainer to focus on training, rather than managing the technology.

Real-life experiences
Our instruction solution, NetSupport School, comes highly recommended for corporate training. Offering support for tutors with pre-created lesson plans and content delivery; interactive virtual whiteboards; a Group Leader mode that allows individuals to be assigned access to the instruction tools; real-time testing and surveys, organizations across the world have found it extremely effective.

Schneider Electric told us:

“We found it worked great with the online training platform we already used.”

And one of the trainers from Next Level Solutions explained:

“90% of the training I conduct is from home (we also usually have students in multiple locations). NetSupport has made it possible for me to act as though I’m right next to them walking through how to figure something out, rather than the (often clunky) remote tools included in Microsoft Teams.”

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NetSupport School has been independently evaluated by Education Alliance Finland, scoring 4 out of 5 stars for learner engagement.

Find out how it could help you with your corporate training here.