Find out more about ‘NetSupport Notify and how it can help your business’ 

When it comes to relaying important messages or alerts, we expect nothing less than instant communication – and that applies in the workplace as well. With NetSupport Notify, businesses can ensure messages are seen and not ignored by sending one-way instant notifications in any scenario.

In what scenarios can NetSupport Notify help your business?

  • Sensitive information: Discreetly deliver sensitive information to staff without using the overhead PA system – this is great for code calls in hospitals.
  • Adverse weather: Keep staff safe by quickly informing them of severe weather or any natural disaster that may impact them.
  • Emergency or lockdown procedures: Every second counts in emergency situations (like bomb threats or active shooter situations), using a three-hotkey combination can quickly alert staff to initiate any lockdown or emergency procedures swiftly.
  • Routine or recurring events: Keep staff informed of recurring events (like routine system maintenance or safety drills) by scheduling notifications to be sent at a certain time – plus, this can be used to reduce energy costs by notifying staff to power off devices at the end of the day. 
  • Wellbeing/health updates: The healthy and safe of your staff is vital for a productive working environment, ensure staff are safe with the ability to send important health messages and updates. 

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