7 ways NetSupport Manager can save your business money and time

Who doesn’t love a quick run-down of ways to save the two things businesses love most: money and time?

Our remote control solution, NetSupport Manager, is used and trusted by all sorts of organisations – from banks and manufacturing plants to military bases and government departments. It’s packed full of top features to help make technicians’ work easier and allow them to do what they need to do, flexibly, easily and efficiently!

So, let’s get to it and find out 7 ways that it can support your organisation:

1. Single solution: With its multi-platform support and flexible network options (LAN, WAN or the internet), NetSupport Manager is a single solution for remote control access across any organisation, of any size – all without the need for a third-party service, ongoing subscription costs or manual visits. The single solution approach also helps protect against unnecessary costs associated with using and maintaining multiple tools for remote access, which can be time-consuming and a potential security risk.

2. Wealth of supporting tools: NetSupport Manager’s unique range of supporting tools also ensures maximum efficiency and, most importantly, the minimum level of system downtime and lost productivity as support issues are being addressed. For example, you can quickly view and remotely edit the registry of a remote computer without any interaction with – or interruption to – the desktop user, ensuring productivity levels aren’t affected.

3. Respond quickly: With NetSupport Manager, you can quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any location (without the need for firewall configuration) – all from right where you are! Plus, the unique PIN Connect feature makes the connection effortless as the technician and user simply enter the same unique PIN to create an instant connection.

4. File distribution: As well as supporting simple tasks such as sending files from machine A to B, NetSupport Manager goes one step further by offering one-to-many file distribution. This means you can transfer a file from one PC to any number of selected computers in a single action – for example, ensuring staff across the company can receive important documents simultaneously.

5. Remote access: NetSupport Manager’s remote access tools mean you can carry out tasks from afar, like remotely power on and off a computer or log in to a PC – as well as use the scripting and scheduling suite to automate and run routine tasks at pre-defined intervals.

6. Multi-task: With its one-to-many capabilities, such as monitoring multiple systems in real time and showing your screen to multiple recipients, you can multi-task more effectively by running multiple support sessions at once and switching between them when needed.

7. Get a freebie! Included free within NetSupport Manager is a classroom instruction and training solution, NetSupport School. Available from the NetSupport Manager installer package, NetSupport School includes a range of award-winning tools to monitor, control, assess and collaborate with a class, whether it’s in a corporate training environment or a school lesson.