There’s still time to use your unspent ESSER funding to ensure you have a solid edtech solution in place before the deadline. There are several factors that schools and districts should consider to ensure they achieve the most impact and get the most bang for their buck.  

Here are three things to consider to maximize your funds… 
  1. Schools should do an assessment to determine where to best allocate their funds to support their current and long-term goals. 
  2. Ensure funds are used on proven, evidence-based solutions that can flex to meet your growing needs and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. 
  3. Use funds to boost learning outcomes with digital tools that can help engage students, promote positive wellbeing, and create a safer learning environment.  
Use your ESSER funds to engage, instruct, and protect students… 

With NetSupport’s education software, schools and districts can truly get the most out of their ESSER funds with sustainable solutions that are affordable, scalable, and future-proofed for years to come. 

We have two amazing classroom instruction solutions that can help! 

  • NetSupport School: Feature-rich, in-school classroom management and instruction software, providing teachers with a wealth of assessment, monitoring, collaboration, and control features to engage, instruct, and interact with students.  
  • Cloud-based classroom management, online safety, and IT management platform that is super easy to configure, manage, and use – offering teachers essential tools to lead learning from anywhere – in-school, remotely, or both.  
Don’t miss out on your ESSER funding! 

With the ESSER funding deadline fast approaching, why not try our solutions for free today to see if they fit your needs?