We’re featured in a new episode of Trending in Education, hosted by Mike Palmer. In this episode, our CEO, Al Kingsley, discusses ‘Respect for Teachers and Trends in EdTech’. 

Tapping into his extensive knowledge from working with the education sector for over 30 years, Al dives into his insight to have a candid conversation about the need for respect for today’s educators. Plus, Al and Mike explore more key international education trends and online learning.

Here are some questions Mike asked Al in this episode:

  1. Tell me your thoughts about education policy being driven by high stakes tests. Tell us what you have to say about these tests, scorecards, and rankings. What is your view of rankings in general?
  2. What are some other methods we can use instead of mandated testing to make policy decisions and decisions about funds? You’ve been involved in that as a school governor in the UK and I wonder if the UK system is significantly different from ours in this respect.
  3. You are responsible for running schools in the UK. What approaches and measures do you use to assess the performance of your schools?
  4. Tell me about Workstream 4 and the work there. Is that a model that could be applied in the U.S.? Or, particular elements of the work you do?

Hear directly from Al by watching the full video below to learn more!