Buying things – whether online or offline – has a certain ritual these days. We go to the product website and deliberate a while, then check what other people think of what we’ve got our eye on. If we can see what we want in action, in person, or even try it out for ourselves, it’s then that we consider everything we’ve learned and make our decision.

When you’re making a substantial outlay for business IT – whether it’s remote controlITAMmass messaging or a helpdesk – these things take on new significance; you do need to know as much as you can before you part with that wedge of company cash. After all, nobody wants to be responsible for making a costly mistake…

At NetSupport, we get it. We want our products to be a good match for what your organization needs, but only you can decide whether they are or not. So, we try to make it easier for you to assess by providing all kinds of insights, interviews, infographics and more about our products – and this blog will point you in the right direction! So, let’s begin…

Stage 1: Read all about it

The first port of call for any purchase is the product’s website. And we have four of them for you:

Packed with information about each product’s features and benefits, you can get a proper overview of their possibilities for your company’s set-up. Next, if you go to the “Resources” page, you’ll find PDFs and infographics that set the product in context and give you a great overview of what it can do. Plus, if you need any pointers on shaping your corporate digital strategy, we’ve got a link for that too!

Stage 2: What do others think?

There’s nothing quite like hearing about other people’s experiences with the product you’re interested in. We have quick-fire testimonials from customers on each website, as well as more in-depth case studies from around the world in our case study map.

Industry reviews are also another important voice to consider and we are lucky enough to have reviews from ITPRO and PC PRO. Check out these – plus software user reviews – on the Evidence pages of the NetSupport Manager and NetSupport DNA websites.

Stage 3: Listen, watch and talk

Video is making great strides online – for promotion, explanation, showing us ‘how to’, entertainment and more. You can see why; it’s direct, engaging, and lays everything out straight without leaving things open to interpretation. So, with this in mind, the NetSupport YouTube channel has video playlists for each of our products, so you can check out the look of them and how they work.

We’re also fans of podcasting at NetSupport and you can find interviews online such as NetSupport Notify and how it’s used across multiple scenarios and How NetSupport ServiceDesk can help to give you that extra bit of insight.

Now, you’ll probably have questions to ask or want to see exactly how a certain tool works to assess whether it is indeed what you’re looking for. A great way to do this is to book an online demo with our team, where you see how things operate and can get all the answers you need.

Stage 4: Try it!

There’s nothing like personal experience to know whether a solution is going to work in your organization, so having the chance to try it out in your environment is just about the best thing you can do. So, when you’ve done all the prep work, it’s time to go to the ‘FREE TRIAL’ link on the top bar of each website and download

Happy trialing and we hope to welcome you on board soon!