The future of work has arrived, and remote or hybrid work is here to stay. Discover how to support the new workforce by reading our recent Forbes article, ‘Three Tips for Managing Technology In The Hybrid Workspace’.

Here are three areas businesses can focus on to operate securely and drive technological change.

  1. Look After Security – Cybersecurity failures are among the top risks to organizations today, so be sure you have the right tools to keep the bad guys out – including increased employee cybersecurity training, comprehensive endpoint security tools, extra layers of encryption, multi-factor authentication, and a strict practice for data security.
  2. Stay Informed – It’s imperative to gain a greater insight into the way technology is being used to stay ahead of status updates and alerts in real-time. Having a solution that provides detailed reports and automated alerts can help IT technicians increase visibility across the network. 
  3. Consider Smart IT Support – With staff working both in and out of the office, organizations should ensure IT technicians have the tools to support staff and customers anywhere using reliable solutions that support your needs. 

Find out more by reading the full article below. Plus, check out our range of software solutions to see how your organization can effortlessly support, track, and manage assets company-wide.