When it comes to the broad cross-spectrum of devices in the corporate IT estate, security is extremely important. From those attended devices being used by your sales and accounts teams to unattended devices ranging from ATMs to point-of-sale devices, cash registers, and robots in your factory – ensuring secure access is top priority. Well, look no further, as NetSupport Manager offers a range of secure tools to do just that!

Check out our new podcast to learn more about the enhanced security features in NetSupport Manager (v14 out now). In this episode of NetSupport Radio, we chat with NetSupport’s Technical Support Manager, Andy Earp, about how NetSupport Manager continues to provide best-of-class security features and options to support both ease of management while giving you peace of mind with our high-level security features.

In this conversation, we ask Andy:

  1. What key features should network managers be looking for to ensure security with remote management services?
  2. What makes NetSupport Manager so secure?
  3. What do NetSupport Manager customers say they like about our security features?

Watch the podcast for yourself to find out more!

Take a look at NetSupport Manager for yourself to see how it can help your organization maintain high levels of security while reducing overheads and workload with its powerful tools. Plus, try it for 30-days for free to see exactly how it will work in your environment.