With workforces now dispersed across hybrid work environments, having the technology to allow employees to operate effectively while staying secure is key for every company – especially as the cyber-attack rate increased considerably in 2021.

That’s where NetSupport Manager can help. With its range of security features, it’s no wonder it’s the choice of military and financial institutions across the globe. 

Key security features when remote controlling devices: 

  • A fully secure ‘on premise’ solution or hosted in a private cloud 
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and RADIUS authentication support 
  • Gateway encryption with SSL/TLS certificates 
  • Data encryption – configurable options from 56-bit DES to 256-bit AES 
  • Centrally deploy and manage security configurations from a single location 
  • Limit connectivity by user account or originating IP address and control HTTP access based on the IP address (only allow connections from known locations) 
  • Auto logout and inactivity timeout 
  • Smartcard support and authentication 
  • Intune or AD configuration options 
  • Modify access for different users 
  • Full event and history logs, including integration with OS event logs 

Discover more to find out why NetSupport Manager has been recognized for the last 33 years as delivering the most secure remote control available that helps boost security company-wide.