October is known as National Bullying Prevention Month and aims to raise awareness to help prevent bullying, while promoting kindness, inclusion and acceptance. Bullying instances occur daily, but there are steps we can take to help prevent bullying in schools so that every student can learn in a safe space. 

It’s vital to start by educating young people about bullying and share resources so they have the tools to address and combat bullying issues. Schools can also help by creating a positive classroom culture and encouraging inclusivity to help curb bullying instances. 

How does NetSupport aid in bullying prevention and online safety? 

Using powerful online safety software like NetSupport DNA (on-premises solution) and classroom.cloud (cloud-based solution), keeping students safe online is easier than ever before. From managing online activities and spotting concerns early on, to proactively identifying at-risk students – online safety software can help create a safe learning environment for all students while staying ahead of concerning issues. Plus, with the ability to report concerns and a vast amount of online safety resources, students are empowered to take part in their own online safety. 

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