Across America, this week has been dubbed Digital Citizenship Week to help students, parents, and teachers navigate the ever-changing digital world and develop good digital skills. With technology use increasing rapidly, it’s crucial to ensure students are equipped with the knowledge of how to appropriately use technology, act responsibly online, and protect their personal data. 

Schools play a large role in promoting positive digital citizenship skills, as teachers can encourage these in the classroom by teaching students about online safety to make them aware of risks. Plus, using edtech solutions can help teachers boost skills by allowing students to safely navigate their digital world within age-appropriate parameters, while also proactively spotting trending safety concerns, identifying vulnerable students, and protecting students with intuitive monitoring tools. 

Helping students establish good digital skills in school is important but it also goes beyond the classroom; parents can also help reinforce positive digital interactions at home by modeling good behavior online and discussing the importance of their digital footprint.  

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