Grow your US edtech educator PLN! 

You might not know this, but R.I.S.E. Magazine is called R.I.S.E. as an acrostic of the words:

  • Reflect 
  • Inspire 
  • Support 
  • Empower. 

It’s called this as it reflects the purpose of the content held within each edition of the magazine. Filled with articles that aim to be reflective, inspirational, supportive, and empowering, we include the voices of hundreds of different educators from around the world, sharing their experiences, thoughts, resources, and ideas, straight from the classroom.  

One popular resource we regularly share at NetSupport is one that our Head of Education brought with him when he joined the company. In a widely recognized format of a periodic table, Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) has been sharing periodic table designs on his social media and blogs for more than a decade.  

In this edition of R.I.S.E. Magazine, we wanted to spotlight some great people to follow from the US education sector who share particularly useful hints and tips, reflective ideas, and supportive and empowering posts on Twitter. So, in keeping with the aims of R.I.S.E. Magazine, Mark worked closely again with R.I.S.E. editor and a Product Manager at NetSupport, Kat Cauchi, to curate and create a new table.  

With 82 different engaged and helpful educators to follow, this resource is a handy reckoner to help you build and develop a great PLN (Professional Learning Network). From teachers in the classroom to school and district leaders, top edtech bloggers, and advocates for Google, Microsoft, and Apple technologies in the classroom, there is a wide spectrum of voices to follow and learn from – all curated into this helpful resource.  

To get your copy of the periodic table, simply visit the R.I.S.E. Magazine page where you’ll also discover all of the previous editions of the magazine. 

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From the magazine, you’ll be able to download a PDF where you can easily print off a copy of the table to put up in your staff room. Also, if you’re looking to find those people on Twitter, don’t worry, the Periodic Table is interactive, so every person on the PDF is clickable, taking you straight to their profile on Twitter!