We’ve released a new episode of Insights with NetSupport, featuring the CEO of Veloz Group and host of the podcast, ‘Thirty Minute Mentors’, Adam Mendler!

About Adam Mendler… 

As a keynote speaker to businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations, Adam draws upon his insights on building and leading businesses and interviewing hundreds of America’s top leaders. Plus, he has written extensively on leadership and related topics, having authored more than 70 articles published in major media outlets including Forbes, Inc., and HuffPost.

Inside this episode of Insights with NetSupport… 

In this episode, Adam chats about the importance of good leadership and mentorship – and the benefits of life-long learning, as well as the ability to learn from everyone around you. Here are some questions we asked Adam. Watch the full episode to hear his responses!

  • Tell me about your podcast and the amazing list of people you’ve interviewed over the years.
  • How did the idea for the podcast come about?
  • Tell me some of the best insights you’ve gleaned from your guests. Has anything surprised you?
  • In dealing with young people today, are there any specific leadership skills that you feel can be taught in K-12 schools?
  • How does that differ from elementary-age students to high school students?
  • Talk with me about mentorship. This is especially interesting from the perspective of students getting skills-based training, coming out of their high school career with skills beyond the core subject areas.
Tune in now… 

Don’t wait any longer, watch now to gain insight into aspects related to leadership and mentoring. Also, we have an entire playlist of more amazing episodes that you can catch up on here.

Want to connect with Adam? 

Stay in touch with what Adam has going on by following him on Twitter at @adammendler. Plus, visit www.adammendler.com to learn more and find out about his podcast.

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