classroom.cloud supports a range of teaching and learning strategies, including direct instruction, metacognition, self-regulation, feedback, and formative assessment – to name just a few.

Discover the proof behind classroom.cloud as we uncover exactly how it supports each strategy in our new whitepaper. 

Supporting teaching and learning strategies…

Find out just how classroom.cloud supports each strategy and learn more about how it can maximize edtech and support flexible learning, all in a safe environment.

Metacognition: To help reinforce metacognitive regulation, classroom.cloud offers supportive functionalities to help teachers answer help requests, share learning objectives and set approved websites – helping learners make informed choices. Plus, chat tools can help metacognitive knowledge by encouraging collaboration and positive interaction.

Direct instruction: Using the sharing tools in classroom.cloud, teachers can guide learners through examples and monitor activity. This helps to promote positive interaction and engagement which will also encourage learner independence and boost their confidence. 

Self-regulation: The web and application monitoring features offer safety parameters for learners to explore and navigate their digital world. These tools support self-regulated learning activities in the classroom by allowing learners to have access to the sites they need to complete their tasks.

Feedback: The dashboard allows teachers to quickly see where learners are struggling to easily intervene and provide ‘in the moment feedback’ on progress. Plus, classroom.cloud further supports low-stakes formative assessment with its built-in quizzing tools, incorporating polling, ‘random select’ modes and rewards.

Find out more about classroom.cloud… 

Easy to use, low cost and no training needed – classroom.cloud is the perfect tool to support your classroom management, online safety and IT management needs in your school. Get the most out of your technology by trying classroom.cloud today for free!

Plus, take a closer look at the platform in this quick overview video to see how you can benefit from our solution.

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