Our award-winning cloud-based classroom instruction, online safety, and IT management solution, classroom.cloud has just received more new features to better support student online safety, reduce school energy costs, and more!

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Students reporting concerns

When students report a concern by sending a message in confidence to a trusted member of staff, the member of staff reviewing the concern can assign it to a category. They can use the default keyword categories or add their own to be more specific about the issue. For example, if the concern is about a wellbeing issue (our brand-new keyword category), a new category such as ‘Depression’ or ‘Domestic Abuse’ could be assigned to it. This is handy when reviewing what type of concerns are being reported.

Reduce energy costs

In these energy-conscious times, switching off unused devices is a no-brainer. So, in addition to being able to power off devices in bulk, and Restart/Log out a selected device on an ad hoc basis, classroom.cloud goes one step further with automated Power Off and Inactivity schedules for the entire school/sites via the Power Management settings.

Schools can simply slide the indicator along to the time when they want devices to switch off or when inactivity schedules can be applied. For example, from Monday to Friday, a school may want all devices to be automatically powered off at 5 pm, whilst during lunchtime, if a device has been inactive for 10 minutes, it would be powered off (the logged-on user would be notified). No wasted energy. No wasted money. It’s that simple!

Audit Log

To better keep track of device activity and how technology is used across the whole school, the BETA Audit Log now includes online safety and power management settings, in addition to changes to your school’s licenses, when users have logged in and out, when additional sites have been added to or removed from the school campus, when a user started and stopped remote controlling a device – and more.

Devices – filters/support

To help IT teams find and filter school devices, a new filter has been added to the devices page. Additionally, extended platform support has been added for Android devices, allowing inventory data from school tablets to be gathered.

User Accounts

When syncing your classroom.cloud account with your Azure AD User Provisioning Service, a new email alert is sent to the admin if an account doesn’t provision correctly.