See what’s new in classroom.cloud!

Our award-winning cloud-based classroom instruction, online safety and IT management solution, classroom.cloud, has just released new features and enhancements!

Step up your efficiency

A new Monitor Activity tool now helps schools to monitor users’ application/website use and login history in a chronological view – handy for seeing the full picture of activity at a glance in one location.

Schools can also reduce energy costs with Power Management. In addition to Power off, Restart or Log off class devices (either individually, a selected number or all at once), a new enhancement now allows schools to create automated Power Off and Inactivity schedules for the entire school/sites via the Power Management settings. For example, from Monday to Friday, a school may want all devices to be automatically powered off at 5pm, while during lunchtime, if a device has been inactive for 10 minutes, it would be powered off (and the logged-on user would be notified).

And there’s more!

Additional enhancements include making it even easier and quicker for teachers to access classes, new message-sending options to help to boost communication and provide technical support to staff and students – plus, plenty of enhanced IT management features.

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