Get the recipe to sales training success…

We are excited to share our new article, ‘The Patisserie Approach to Sales Training: A Recipe for Success’ published by the Training Industry, written by our VP of Sales, Maggie Layfield. 

Just like a pastry chef, training a sales team requires hours of practice, coaching, and feedback. Discover ways in which training can be similar to the dedication and requirements of creating pastry masterpieces through a patisserie’s approach to a successful training recipe. Read the full article to train like a pastry chef and gain insights into good organization, precision, and multitasking that can also be extremely useful in corporate training.

Using technology to boost sales training…

The benefit of using technology is limitless, and the same is true in the training and development landscape. Training and onboarding software solutions, like NetSupport School, can help create highly successful sales teams using classroom instruction and collaboration features to conduct engaging training easily and efficiently.

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