Tips to improve your company communication!

Whatever sector your business is in, effective communication always helps things to run more smoothly.

From hospitals to banks, manufacturers to governments, NetSupport Notify delivers mass alerts and notifications in an instant, so that nobody misses a thing.

Here are six ways it can help your organisation keep everyone informed…

  1. Shoot messages across all sites
    Just imagine getting a mass notification out quickly across all of your dispersed sites without having to modify your network. With NetSupport Notify, you can do just that! Its dedicated local notification gateway makes the connection magic happen so you can deliver messages to up to 10,000 recipients instantly – wherever they are.
  2. Schedule routine notifications
    If you have recurring reminders that you need to send out, with NetSupport Notify you can schedule them in advance to run on a fixed time and date: hourly, daily, weekly, or even every “xx minutes”. So if you have a weekly fire alarm test at 11 am on Thursdays, simply pop a notification into NetSupport Notify’s schedule – and you won’t have to send the message manually every week.
  3. Step up your emergency and lockdown communication
    When there’s a critical emergency, communication needs to happen fast. That’s where NetSupport Notify excels – delivering notifications immediately and with optional audible alerts to grab people’s attention.When there is no time to type out a message, organisations can also set up custom emergency response alerts – e.g. The building is on fire – EVACUATE NOW! – which they can activate and send instantly with a combination of three hotkeys. Effective notifications like this means recipients can quickly act on them which, if the building is on fire, could even save lives!
  4. See it!
    One of the problems with emails or instant messages is that they can be ignored until the recipient chooses to read them. But when there’s an emergency, that’s not what’s needed. So NetSupport Notify’s alerts automatically take screen focus on recipients’ screens. What does that mean? Well, they appear over the top of the current task the recipient is working on and can’t be ignored without being read – critical in the case of urgent situations.Companies can customise messages by notification type; edit colours and fonts; add a logo; choose the notification’s size and location on the screen; add an audio alert – and more, to achieve the impact they need.
  5. Solid, reliable communication
    When it comes to communication, sometimes new employees fall through the net if various systems haven’t been updated to include them. However, NetSupport Notify doesn’t require contact management because it syncs directly with Active Directory. So if an employee is in AD, they’re automatically included in NetSupport Notify’s send list and won’t miss a single alert.
  6. Supports record keeping
    If you need to know what messages you previously sent via NetSupport Notify and when, simply delve into its History log. Here, you can see all the notifications you sent the username of the sender, the date and time it was sent, and the number of recipients who acknowledged it. You can even print or export this if you need to.There’s also real-time tracking included, so when you send a message, it automatically creates a progress chart. This shows you the message being delivered and acknowledged in real time – something you just can’t do with email or phone messages.

What do organisations say?

There’s no substitute for hearing what others think!

Whittington Health NHS Trust says, “We currently use NetSupport Notify during critical outages and planned downtime to inform our 6,000+ users instantly.”

And Wayne County Government comments, “Open NetSupport Notify, type in your message, select the users and off it goes! Invaluable software to help keep users informed of important notices.”

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