June is National Safety Month and it’s time to ensure our schools are best prepared to keep students safe. There are many benefits to having a safe, supportive environment for students to learn – from better learning outcomes, more engaged students, and a more supportive space. Now’s the time to review your school’s safety policies and procedures to best support students!

How can NetSupport help improve school safety? 

Ensuring schools are safe for every student to learn is a top priority for our team at NetSupport. That’s why we provide a range of supportive edtech solutions to help schools create a safer learning environment for everyone.

Mental health and wellbeing – With a rise in mental health concerns amongst young people, it’s time to act now! Using powerful online safety toolkits, like NetSupport DNA and classroom.cloud, schools can stay ahead of trends and identify areas of concern. Get better insights to truly help protect students with proactive tools that monitor at risk students and capture concerning behavior.

Emergency and lockdown – Improve your school’s emergency response with mass notification and alerting software, like NetSupport Notify, that allows messages to be seen and not skipped or ignored. Display alerts, messages, and notifications to devices and display them on digital information boards across the school. Plus, boost emergency preparedness with a hotkey combination for rapid alerts.

Find out just how our education solutions can help your school by trying them for free for 30 days! Plus, you can also book a demo to get a personalized overview of the benefits that our solutions have to offer.