Show your support to raise awareness during Suicide Prevention Month!

Across the globe, many countries recognize September as Suicide Prevention Month. With mental health concerns among students on the rise, this is a much-needed time to raise awareness to help curb potential harmful instances.

In the US, suicide is a leading cause of death claiming over 45,900 people each year. As a leading cause of death among children and young adults, we all know 30 days just isn’t enough time to spread awareness for such an important topic. So, be sure to continue to raise awareness throughout the year.

Everyone can play a role in preventing suicide! There are several ways to do so, and it can be as simple as checking in to ask how someone is doing.

Here are some additional ways to get involved.

Supporting better mental health in schools 

Student success is the pillar to overall school success, but when students feel overwhelmed with anxiety and stress, that has an impact on how they learn. To support better mental health and wellbeing in schools, we offer two online safety software solutions to aid in creating a safer learning environment while on-premise or remote.

Our on-premise IT management and online safety solution, NetSupport DNA, helps keep students safe while learning at school. Meanwhile, our cloud-based classroom instruction, IT management, and online safety solution, classroom.cloud, ensures students are safe no matter their location.

We all have a part to play in supporting a healthier environment for students. With NetSupport’s software solutions, your school has the tools to monitor trending topics in your school, track vulnerable students, evidence and report on triggered events, add a protective layer for all students – and more!