Elevate your IT customer service with NetSupport ServiceDesk

Organizations everywhere are struggling with the current cost-of-living crisis. It’s difficult to know where to make savings without compromising on the services they deliver; things can only be cut back so far!

The service your IT team delivers need not suffer, however. With a capable helpdesk solution at the center of your infrastructure to coordinate tickets, fix issues, and keep customers informed, your business can ensure productivity levels aren’t affected – at least that’s one thing less to worry about!

Here are a few areas where a flexible helpdesk solution can continue to deliver the services customers expect while helping the business to operate efficiently.

  • Work smarter with automated tasks. Setting up automation for routine tasks can help to streamline your support function, freeing up staff to focus on more complex tickets. As you initiate more automation, you may find that your IT team’s productivity may rise and they can actually complete more tickets.
  • Scalability and flexibility. As workforces wax and wane, a helpdesk solution that can scale up or down as your organization’s needs change is extremely useful. It saves technicians from having to spend time learning a new product and prevents the business from a needless spend on a different solution.
  • Maintain service standards. With automated tasks in place, alongside the ability for customers to access FAQs or self-service options to solve common problems, wait and response times may actually improve. Better customer satisfaction helps productivity – something that every organization wants and needs when costs are the focus.
  • Making savings. By saving money on internal IT services with a low-cost yet capable helpdesk solution, your organization can reduce the cost per ticket while ensuring employees can still access the services they need.

Discover NetSupport ServiceDesk

This browser-based helpdesk solution simplifies the IT support process. With a fully customizable and intuitive web-based interface that supports desktop and mobile platforms, robust workflow processes, a wealth of management reports, and a customer-friendly self-service portal, NetSupport ServiceDesk fits into a wide range of organizations. It even supports ITIL processes!

NetSupport ServiceDesk customers tell us they particularly like the ability to customize it, with customized status reports, operator functionality, help request logging, and being able to add custom data fields for their specific needs.