Ensure no student slips through the net with these key features that your safeguarding solution should be enabling your school to collect and monitor, plus why not boost your knowledge and join an upcoming online safety webinar for free?! 

Proven online safety and safeguarding tools help schools to be in the know and gain more insight into… 

  • What students are typing 
  • The surrounding sentences 
  • What applications and websites they’re using or visiting 
  • The devices used 
  • The time of day 
  • Previous alerts they may have triggered 
  • Trending topics across the school/grades

How can schools use this data? 

  • Armed with details of trending topics, support a ‘whole school approach’ and ensure staff are kept abreast of new keywords and are fully informed of any escalating trends. 
  • Use engaging classroom management tools to raise awareness of the concerns that students may already be discussing or searching for themselves. 
  • Whether it’s a peer group, a single student or a whole year group, knowing what activity they are involved in and the level of risk can help inform a school as to how and when parents need to be alerted.

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