See the difference between NetSupport Notify and email 

When it comes to keeping everyone informed, companies need reliable instant communication tools that can get the message out quickly and easily. Often, email is not the most reliable form of communication to keep everyone in the loop instantly as there can be unexpected email delays and delivery issues that impact communication.

Discover the key differences between NetSupport Notify and email to see how it can help improve communication. Plus, find out six reasons why your company should be using NetSupport Notify to help streamline communication company-wide.

“NetSupport Notify offers a cost-effective solution for broadcasting messages across your organisation.” – South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Take a closer look at NetSupport Notify  

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Plus, see what some of our customers had to say about how it helped them!

No expensive lockdown alarms and significantly improves school processes as important messages don’t get missed in email.” – Meridian Trust

“NetSupport Notify is easy to use and the messages are clear.” – Monroe County Government

“Excellent software for pushing critical notifications out to staff.” – Farmers State Bank