Expand your knowledge with these free education webinars!

In case you missed it, we recently had an amazing webinar series covering three very important topics in education, such as using AI in education, online safety trends and tools, data protection and data privacy – and much more!

Now’s your chance to watch these webinars at your convenience to help boost your knowledge and expand your skills. It’s simple, just register for your chosen webinar/s and we will send you the recording afterwards so you can watch it back at a time that suits you!

Three education webinars to choose from:

Exploring effective and ethical uses of AI in education 

Explore the hottest topic in education at the moment: AI in education. In this webinar, we will delve into the exciting possibilities balanced against the responsible applications of artificial intelligence in the classroom. Helping us lead this discussion is Jaime Donally (Engagement Director at Identity Automation, Author on ARVRinEDU) and Emma Darcy (Director of Technology for Learning at Denbigh High School and Chiltern Learning Trust). 

Prioritizing online safety in education

With online safety being of paramount importance for all in education, this webinar sparks helpful discussion highlighting the latest trends and strategies with two leading experts in the field: Alan Mackenzie (Online Safety Specialist) and Beverly Clarke (Education Consultant, Coach and Author).

Data protection, data privacy and usage 

Data protection and privacy is as important to us as we know it is to you, so we’ve brought together two leading, well-respected experts in the field: Tony Sheppard and Claire Archibald. Together, we will explore the importance of protecting personal data and ensuring responsible data usage. Expect plenty of helpful take-aways in our webinar, so sign up early to avoid missing out!