Welcome back to another episode of Insights with NetSupport! In this series, we aim to inspire and empower educators with new insights through engaging conversations with industry leaders.

Exploring a range of exciting topics, this episode will touch on key topics such as Digital Strategy, effective use of technology, change management, AI in the classroom, leading on technology, and more!

Inside this episode with Laura Knight 

In this episode, we are joined by the very talented Laura Knight, a learning consultant at Berkhamsted School. Laura is a former Languages teacher and middle and senior leader with a solid understanding of what effective technology use looks like at both a macro and a micro scale.

Tune in now to hear Laura and our Head of Education, Mark Anderson, discuss many aspects around the hot topic of AI, explore change management, and more – all grounded with practical ideas and tips just as useful for teachers as they are for leaders.

Watch the episode below now!

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