Welcome to another amazing episode of Insights with NetSupport! In this series, we aim to bring you an interesting guest who shares their wealth of expertise, knowledge and insights around a relevant topic.

Inside this episode with Christoffer Dithmer

We are delighted to be joined by Christoffer Dithmer as we dive into this episode’s conversation, exploring exciting topics such as learning with technology, STEM, creativity and makerspaces!

Christoffer, a finalist in last year’s Global Edtech awards, is known for his innovative uses of technology and sharing on social media and is well respected in his field. He works as an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, EdTech supervisor, Teacher and Project leader of #Makerspaces and #EdTech in Vallensbæk near Copenhagen. Christoffer is a strong advocate for impactful uses of technology as you’ll hear in this episode of Insights, where he shares lots of ideas and thoughts around the practical and effective use of EdTech to support STEM education.

Check out this episode to hear all about what makes an ideal Maker Space and so much more! Plus, you can follow Christoffer on X/Twitter and connect with Christoffer on LinkedIn.