Explore what to look for in a remote control solution

If you’re a remote employee, what do you do when your technology lets you down? Ask for your support team to fix it, of course!

But if the remote support tool used to do the fixing isn’t as secure as it should be, then that’s a problem.

Keeping the cybercriminals out

Remote support solutions have long been a target for scammers who use them to try to access a target’s device and personal data. It’s a full-time job for solution providers to ensure that their product remains secure enough to enable reliable connections between technical operators and client devices, while keeping bad actors firmly on the outside.

Sometimes though, the cybercriminals manage to get ahead and find a way in, despite a company’s best efforts. All that solution providers can do in that case is take swift remedial action to minimize any damage and restore their reputation with their customers and peers. It’s a harsh world.

The best defense

In that case, what should businesses look for when they choose a secure remote control solution for their IT team?

We’re all aware of what cybercriminals do: data breaches, unauthorized access, ransomware, malware – and more. So, at the very least, a robust solution should include components like end-to-end encryption and role-based access that only allows operators to use features according to their position or experience. Real-time monitoring and proactive security alerts can help technicians to identify and minimize an attack before it escalates – and tightening up security at each end of the connection with multi-factor authentication will all combine to help keep user and company data safe, while keeping cybercriminals out.

IT staff using a secure remote control solution

Do your homework

Putting extra effort into your research before you choose a remote support solution will pay off. Check the solution’s track record, customer reviews and reliability scores – and test, test, test it in your own environment.

Ask the vendor if it complies with your specific industry’s regulations for data protection, whether that’s GDPR or its equivalents across the world. In addition, see what customers have to say about the solutions they use. You can read the customer case studies on the vendor’s site, but doing a general Google search can bring up even more insightful information for you to consider.

Checking software review sites such as Capterra can give you a feel for how different solutions are positioned for different industries. It can also supply you with a range of customer reviews to help you make the right decision for your company.

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