Philippa Wraithmell chats about digital leaders in schools

Check out our new episode of Insights with NetSupport recorded from our stand at Bett 2024! In this episode, Philippa Wraithmell shares key insights into being good digital leaders and empowering teachers with the autonomy to allow their input.

From her experience as a teacher and working with EdTech for many years, Philippa has extensive knowledge of how to help improve leadership teams to drive positive change in schools. As an ECT who specializes in digital strategy, she shares some valuable insights that you don’t want to miss and introduces her new platform, EdRuption, to help empower change and reimagine learning.

Plus, take a closer look at her book, “The Digital Ecosystem,” to explore how to create a sustainable digital strategy to support your infrastructure, safeguarding and more!

Watch the full video below or listen back on NetSupport Radio.

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