Cost-saving tips to improve your school’s budget problems!

Everyone in a school can help save precious pennies, but did you know about these significant cost-saving opportunities?

4 surprising ways EdTech can save you money…

  1. Reducing energy bills: Stop driving up bills unnecessarily, create automated Power Off and Inactivity schedules for the entire school/sites.
  2. Better device/license management: View which devices and paid applications are not being used, the devices that need upgrading not replacing, and applications that could be transferred to other staff rather than purchasing more.
  3. Professional development: Leverage online learning platforms for staff training, offering cost-effective alternatives to in-person workshops and conferences.
  4. Staff retention: EdTech that is genuinely easy to use and offers impact that staff value will help reduce stress, burnout, and staff turnover.

Solutions to help your school save money! 

By embracing technology strategically, schools can not only enhance the learning experience for students but also unlock significant cost savings.

Explore our affordable, proven EdTech solutions to see how we can help your school with classroom management, IT management, online safety, and school-wide communication.

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