Active learning is easy with impactful EdTech tools

Cultivating a truly engaging learning environment is crucial for student success – and that begins with active participation and differentiated instruction.

NetSupport’s classroom instruction solutions can help with that! Explore how our software creates an active learning environment in this article, ‘This Core Classroom Tool Helps Me Differentiate Instruction Effectively’.

Invest in student success with NetSupport

Our award-winning on-premise and cloud-based classroom instruction solutions help teachers create an environment that fosters active learning, boosts student engagement, and promotes academic success.

Here are three ways our solutions can help!

  • Monitor student screens: See exactly what your students are working on, identify any distractions, and provide real-time guidance.
  • Share content: Effortlessly push websites, documents, and applications to all student devices, ensuring everyone stays focused and on the same page.
  • Facilitate interactive activities: Launch polls, quizzes, and collaborative whiteboarding sessions to stimulate participation, gauge understanding, and create a dynamic learning experience.

Ready to empower teachers and enhance student success? Try our solutions for free to put them to the test!