Boost efficiency and sales with NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager tackles the challenges of retail and sales industries, offering a robust remote control solution that enhances efficiency, training, and customer service.

Explore how our solution helps our customers optimize operations and drive sales.

Boost operations:

  • Remote support: IT staff can remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues, minimizing downtime across stores. Imagine resolving a cashier’s software glitch without needing a physical visit!
  • Real-time collaboration: Need to configure a new Point of Sale (POS) system or update product information? Real-time screen sharing easily facilitates collaboration on tasks like POS system configuration.
  • Inventory management: Remotely access and update inventory data across stores, ensuring accurate stock levels and informed decision-making.

“The software solution is used through the company’s EPOS provider, allowing a link between each site to send product files. In addition, Herring Stores uses NetSupport Manager for remote access to different sites, so work can take place from another branch.” – Herring Stores

Drive sales performance:NetSupport Manager

  • Sales coaching: Supervisors can remotely observe sales interactions, providing real-time coaching for improved techniques and customer service.
  • Product demos and training: Conduct engaging product demos and training sessions remotely, saving time and resources. Imagine showcasing new product features to entire sales teams simultaneously!
  • Improve customer service: With customer permission, remotely access screens to assist with troubleshooting or answer product-related queries, leading to faster resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

“Having computers spread out over our 2 acre site meant a lot of time could be spent managing support issues due to having to be physically present to troubleshoot. It’s quick and easy to connect and so user friendly.” – Lady Bailey Caravans