Classroom and school-wide IT management solution for Technicians, Teachers and School Counselors! 

NetSupport’s complete IT solution, NetSupport DNA, provides all the tools your school or District needs to efficiently manage its technology, achieve best practice and save resources – in one low-cost solution.

NetSupport DNA gives network managers a range of tools to effectively manage their school’s IT assets; provides teachers with classroom management tools to leverage the full value of technology-enhanced learning; plus, features a built-in online safety toolkit to help maintain a safe learning environment.

With over 300 awards, 18 million users across 120 countries and 31 years of development expertise, you can feel safe in the knowledge that NetSupport’s solutions are the best in their class! 

What can NetSupport DNA do for you?

IT Staff – Network and IT Management tools

  • Hardware inventory
  • SNMP device discovery
  • Software license management
  • Efficiency view
  • Internet metering/control
  • Application metering/control
  • Endpoint security/Proactive alerting
  • Energy monitoring and power management
  • User management
  • Activity monitoring
  • Multi-site support and management
  • Powerful Remote Control
  • Reporting tools
  • Plus much more!

Teachers – Classroom Management tools 

  • Student wellbeing and feedback 
  • 3 users modes for teachers to use
  • Student screen monitoring
  • Testing and assessment tools
  • Language Lab module
  • Digital Journals of lesson content
  • Real-time instruction tools
  • File collection and distribution
  • Multi-platform support
  • Teacher, TA and Student apps
  • Student screen sharing
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Reset student’s system password
  • Plus much more!

School Counselors – eSafety / Online Safety tools

  • Contextual intelligence-based Risk Index
  • Online-based cloud view 
  • Operates independently of the IT team
  • eSafety alerts
  • Age-appropriate internet controls 
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Language packs 
  • Student ‘Report a Concern’
  • Track ‘at risk’ student activity
  • Screen capture/record
  • Online safety resources
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policies
  • Supports ISTE / CIPA
  • Plus much more!

Latest features in v4.9!

New features and several additional optimisations have been included in this release, making NetSupport DNA even easier-to-use – while bringing further efficiency savings, boosts to productivity levels and security, plus much more, to schools globally!

eSafety keywords

Internet risks and trends are constantly changing and, to keep students safe, NetSupport DNA’s online safety tools now has two new categories (Gambling and Cybersecurity) to help staff see any related triggered events more quickly.

Staff can also add notes to all triggered events (not just the false positives), such as details of any follow-up actions and more – perfect for ensuring other staff are kept updated.


Multi-select Agents

IT technicians across a school now have a more flexible and efficient way to carry out specific tasks on multiple staff/student devices. From the Tree view, you can select the staff/students you need and then view the component data for them. Plus, from Explorer mode, you can select a group of staff/students based on a more detailed criteria (e.g. a combination of departments/year groups, or a group/individual staff and/or student) to perform actions such as messaging.

PowerShell for multiple Agents

Whether it’s running PowerShell cmdlets or getting the processes that are running on local or remote devices, NetSupport DNA now allows technicians to run PowerShell commands on multiple devices simultaneously – cutting workload and making the task more efficient.

Chrome and iOS Agents can now connect through the DNA Gateway

Providing more flexibility for schools and their staff/students using school devices, Chrome and iOS devices can connect to NetSupport DNA through its secure Gateway. So whether users with these types of devices are on or off site, technicians can still fully monitor and support them – perfect for working/learning from home.


Key benefits

Save Time
From proactive warning alerts of issues across the network through to device auto-discovery, bulk software distribution, custom reporting and free mobile apps so you can access key data on the move, NetSupport DNA saves you a whole heap of time.

Save Money
Every school or district wants to reduce costs – and that’s something NetSupport DNA can help you to achieve. With its constant supply of real-time statistics to help you manage your assets and avoid system downtime and its associated costs, NetSupport DNA ensures you achieve a swift return on your investment.

Add Security
Protecting your students and keeping your school or campus’s IT systems secure and running efficiently is a priority. So NetSupport DNA supplies you with the essential tools to ensure both systems and students are safe.

The Ultimate NetSupport DNA Overview

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