Enjoy an extra 3 months for FREE with classroom.cloud, our award-winning cloud-based 3-in-1 toolkit! Built on impact and evidence, it provides simple yet essential tools for flexible instruction, online safety, and IT management – all for only $5.50 per device. Offer is available until January 31, 2024, and is only available to schools that do not already have classroom.cloud. To register for the offer, enter your details in our form.


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    Cloud-based Classroom Instruction, Online Safety, and IT Management


    Super easy to set up and use, classroom.cloud provides the essential tools to support flexible learning – making it the perfect solution for delivering blended learning in any environment. It’s flexible range of classroom instruction tools allow for learning to occur synchronously or asynchronously – making it easy for teachers and students to flex according to their needs. Plus, the online safety toolkit helps keep your online environment safe and secure at all times, by monitoring concerning activity, identifying students at risk, and spotting concerning trends. Meanwhile, school IT teams can use the IT management tools to help manage and maximize edtech and reduce school costs. 


    • Share your screen and audio to help explain lesson activities
    • Monitor students’ screens to ensure they’re on task
    • Deliver support quickly and easily via the help request tool
    • Give every student a voice with chat and messaging tools
    • Use surveys to gamify assessment
    • Control website and application usage
    • Launch websites and applications directly on students’ devices to help save time
    • Remote control students’ screens to remedy activity
    • Control the use of USBs/webcam/audio during class
    • Lock their screens to gain attention
    • Turn off students’ devices at the end of class
    • Plus much more!

    Online Safety staff

    • Keyword and phrase monitoring for over 14,000 terms
    • Multi-language keyword libraries for ESL/EAL students
    • Students can ‘Report a Concern’ to a trusted member of staff
    • Internet and application metering
    • Risk Index to prioritize high severity events
    • Self-service online support resources
    • Plus much more!

    IT teams

    • Power off, Restart or Log off devices with Power Management
    • Create Power off and Inactivity schedules
    • Hardware and software inventory
    • Remote control
    • Secure cloud-based platform hosted on Azure
    • Flexible integration with Microsoft SDS, ClassLink, Clever (US only) and Google Classroom
    • Low cost and low maintenance
    • Multi-platform support
    • Ultra-fast performance and scalability
    • Plus much more!

    classroom.cloud has made virtual teaching much easier. I can see when a student is not on task and help them by accessing their assignments, because I can see their screens in real time!

    Jason Houston

    Director of Technology, Life Source International Charter School

    Frankly, your software/interface is so incredibly well thought out & simple, the setup and deployment was not hard at all!

    Peter Wilson

    Network Manager, Pool Academy

    Key benefits

    Teacher benefits...

    The easiest classroom tool you’ll ever use, classroom.cloud lets you monitor, control, and collaborate with your students to maintain their learning continuity – in class or remotely – keeping them on target for success.

    Technician benefits...

    Easy to set up, configure, manage, and use, classroom.cloud virtually takes care of itself! Integrating directly with your existing infrastructure, you can deploy in minutes and manage teacher and student devices centrally – saving you a bunch of time.

    Online Safety benefits...

    With clever use of contextual intelligence, and by working with educators, young people, and leading charities, the online safety toolkit helps you identify, support, and protect students at all times – no matter where they are.